Malwarebytes' RogueRemover PRO

Malwarebytes' RogueRemover PRO 1.20

Rogue Remover PRO detects and demolishes rogue applications
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If you use your computer every day you're at risk of receiving masked applications called rogues.
These applications will appear as legitimate, trustworthy, and harmless, or as anti-malware or registry cleaners when in fact they are deceiving and malicious ones. While they are trying to convince you that you need rogue for your system's protection, they give you wrong information, false scan results, and implant their spyware in your system.
Rogue Remover PRO will assist you detect and demolish these rogue applications. This tool will help you to remove existing applications as well as block incoming rogue applications from your computer.
The real time rogue monitor will keep these applications from being installed. The monitor will keep you alerted, safe and secure against these malicious applications. It will enable you to keep your computer immunized and prevent any new rogue applications.
If you think that having an updated anti-virus and anti-malware is enough nowadays, you are absolutely wrong, as the application you use to protect your computer is infected itself, that’s why you need this tool to provide your computer with the utmost protection.
A very high scanning speed.
Supports windows 2000, XP, and Vista operating systems.
Update releases are available once every week right from the database.
Ignore list is available in both protection module and scanner.
Support is available in multi-languages.
It can work along with other anti-malware utilities.
Settings enhancing performance are available

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  • Did not remove BPS Spyware
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